Jan 31, 2017

New shop


Hi all. I have a lot of Szabi's decoders and I can honestly say that they are much better than the most expensive commercial decoders.

Jan 31, 2017

Oh one other thing now we have access to all the instructions database. If you're likr me you loose the instrution sheets Szabi supplies (sorry Szabi)

I would love to hear what you guys think, I'm sure I'm not the only one that is enthusiastic about this kit



Feb 2, 2017

Thank you lads, nice to meet you here!

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  • Dear Mr. Szabolcs, I see and I would to buy your pantograph servo decoder. I have a nano servo with a maximum power tension of 4,2v. If applied more than 4,2v to the servo, the servo could be destroyed!! I saw on the decoder pictures, that your decoder have a tension regulator (LM78XX) Can you tell me the value of this regulator? It will be possible to install a tension regulator that provide a 4.0v? Kind regards.
  • Hi Szabi, I have just received my One Servo Decoder - thanks! I can't program it using my NCE PowerCab DCC system and with the decoder connected to the rails. I have tried many things but the servo either does not move, or it creeps round very, very slowly, or it spins round many times very, very quickly. I have tried 3 different servos with the same result. Your instructions refer to the "+", "-", "Left" and "Right" keys. The PowerCab doesn't have any of these keys. Can you tell me the sequence to set up my servo for accessory address 1005, 90 degree travel and speed 18 (i.e. quite fast) please? Thanks, Duncan
  • Hi, after long search, I found these very slim boards for Servo Control. Currently I have a bunch of semaphore signals originally from Viessmann, but their drives are consuming a hig power and do not operate reliably. https://www.fremo-net.eu/praxis/signale/signalschacht/ Long story short. I will buy and test these boards for operating with Servos. Do you see the perspective to command them (and the switching outputs) with turnout commands in future instead of F0, F1, F2... This will much better implement them in the accessories. Thanks and best regards, Philipp
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