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One Servo Decoder


Edited: Feb 16

Hi Szabi,


I have just received my One Servo Decoder - thanks!


I can't program it using my NCE PowerCab DCC system and with the decoder connected to the rails.

I have tried many things but the servo either does not move, or it creeps round very, very slowly, or it spins round many times very, very quickly. I have tried 3 different servos with the same result.

Your instructions refer to the "+", "-", "Left" and "Right" keys. The PowerCab doesn't have any of these keys.



Can you tell me the sequence to set up my servo for accessory address 1005, 90 degree travel and speed 18 (i.e. quite fast) please?





Hi Duncan,

I watched a few videos to understand your DCC system. Follow these steps:

1. connect decoder with servo and try to move with onboard pushbutton (press button once shortly)

2. push program button on board for more than 2-3 seconds while LED starts flash (use manual)

3. push SELECT ACCY button on your controller and enter address of decoder using numeric buttons

4. press button 1 or 2 to move servo and store the new address of decoder (check screen)

5. to select servo range press program button for more than 2-3 seconds, then press shortly until the LED lights up continuously

6. push SELECT ACCY button and enter value 50 (in your case 0050). Value 50 means 90 degrees and move servo with button 1 or 2.

7. to setup servo range use the same method like above (value 1: fast, value 20: very slow)

I hope I could help you. Have a nice day!


Hi Szabi,


Thanks for that. I can now run my servo properly.

Last night I got it to turn through 90 degrees but very slowly. I think I had programmed the servo speed to be 20 because your printed instructions say "1 - slow, 20 - fast". In you answer above, 1 = fast and 20 = slow so I tried accessory address = 0020 when the LED was fast-flashing and now the servo turns faster.

So thanks! But you do need to correct your printed instructions ( and the pdf on this site).




Hi Duncan,

you are very welcome!

Thanks to report the problem, I'll correct the instruction.

Kind regards,


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