DCC LED light decoder



This universal decoder has 10 outputs for LEDs or bulbs.

Recommended power supply: 10-12V AC or 10-15V DC

Output current: 500mA/output (altogether 10A)

The module has 3 pins terminal to connect any kind of Slave module (up to 8-10 pcs)

The module is suitable for lights with common positive legs only!


Available only the Master version! This item works as an accessory decoder! 


4 different programs are available:

10 independent outputs:

- ideal for street lights, lights inside houses, platform lights


8 outputs with neon effect + 2 outputs with „broken light” effect:

- ideal for street lights. The lamps turning on with neon effect, 2 outputs simulate „broken” neon lamp


5x two-way lights

- can be used as signal light (semaphore) or as feedback of the position of five turnouts


Street traffic light (including pedestrians lights)


Please write to the order comment which version you would like!


A short video about how it works:

Traffic light

10 outputs

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