Grade crossing module




- the module commands 6 LEDs, a relay for a sound module and 2 micro servos

- suit for DC and DCC system as well

- output for 6 LEDs: 4x flashing red as warning lights and 2x flashing white (Eastern Europe version) as a free grade lights

- 2 input for sensors

- 2 output for a micro servo (moving grade barriers)

- output for a Sound module (5V DC)

- adjustable servo angle range between 0 and 180 degree

- manual control

- recommend power supply: 10-12V AC/DC /10-15VA


The package includes:


Basic version:

- tested Grade crossing module


Basic version + 2x 9g servo

- tested Grade crossing module

- 2x 9g micro servos with 3 different arms


Basic version + 2x 9g servo+Infra mini

- tested Grade crossing module

- 2x 9g micro servos with 3 different arms

- 1x double „daylight proof” infrared sensor board (Infragate mini)

- 2x TCRT5000L infrared sensor



When the crossing grade is free the warning LEDs are off, the flashing white LED indicates free grade crossing (optional).

As the train covers the sensor the red lights start flashing and the relay activates the Sound module. After 3 seconds the gates come down slowly - servos are active.

Keep flashing until the sensor stay uncovered for at least 1,5 seconds (the last wagon leaves the sensor), then the gates come up, the warning lights and sound will go off.


Manual control:

You can add any kind of pushbutton to operate sequence. Sensors are not working if the sequence has been activated manually.


Additional option:

The module has 3 universal outputs (5V/500 mA). If you wish I can customize these outputs to your wishes (another light, relay).


A short video about how it works: Here


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