RF DC Motor Controller v2





- the module is suitable to command a DC motor (analog locomotive) with Radiofrequency (433-473 MHz) remote for a long distance

- don't need an expensive command station

- suitable for H0, OO or garden layout

- you will never need to clean a track or wheels, just install the battery into the locomotive along with Receiver

- range about 1 mile/1,6 km (open area)



- speed and direction control with joystick

- loco address selection with rotary encoder

- Stop with joystick push button

- Emergency Stop with rotary encoders push button

- the 1st button controls 2 universal outputs (lights, smoke generator, horn, coupler, etc.)

- the 2nd button controls 1 universal output and a servo between 0 and 90 degrees (coupler, pantograph, door, etc.)

- direction change protection (direction change is allowed only if loco stopped)

- 10 locomotives simultaneously with one Transmitter

- OLED display - shows locomotive direction, speed, and address

- 9V battery power (not included)



- 1,5A output (2,3A peak for 10 seconds)

- up to 20 volts power supply

- address selectable between 1 - 10 with integrated push button

- 4x LEDs to display the address in binary code

- front/rear lights outputs (each 100 mA) - depends on direction

- 3 universal outputs (each 100 mA)

- pinhead to connect a servo

- on startup, the servo moves to the basic position (0 degrees)

- 4th output is active if the loco moves on (smoke generator, warning flasher, sound)

- size: 40 x 20 mm (1,6” x 0,8”)

- covered with heat-shrink foil

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