Servo controller




- analog servo controller with LED indication

- the module commands 4 servos with 4 pushbuttons between 0 - 180 degrees

- the adjustable maximum angle of a servo with four onboard potentiometer

- adjustable speed of servos (one potentiometer for all servos)

- store position of servos into the memory (remembers the last position after power switched 


- output for 8x LEDs, or 4x Bi-polar LEDs

- the LEDs show the position of the servo; you will always know in which position the servo arm is

- example: if the LED is green the servo controlled turnout is in the straight position, if the LED is red it is in the divergent position

- suitable for manual control of turnouts, semaphores, moving any kind of arms, doors, barriers

- push button to move servo into one direction (clockwise), push once again to move the servo to the opposite direction (counterclockwise)

- no servo buzzing in the rest position

- recommended power supply: 10-15V AC/DC


The package includes:

- tested Servo controller board

- 8x 1.5 kOhm resistors

- 8x 3mm LED diodes (4x red and 4x green)

If you would like different colors, please let me know. Available colors: red, green, yellow, white, bi-polar LED green/red.


A short video about how it works: here (soon!)

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