DCC Servo point decoder

DCC Servo point decoder



The module commands one servo motor, which can move turnout, grade crossing barrier or mechanical signal arm.


The address (between 1-2048), speed and range of servo are adjustable by programming pushbutton on board. You need any hand controller to enter values.


You can use the pushbutton to move servo manually.


The two independent outputs are universal - polarize fog of turnout, command signal light before turnout or signals turnout position.


Master version: There are 2 screw terminals to connect the power supply (10-12V AC/DC) and DCC signal, and one 3-screw terminal to connect (any) Slave decoder if you wish.


Slave version: There is a 3-screw terminal to connect a module to (any) Master decoder. Slave modules work only with Master.


Short videos about how it works (slave version): Here

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