DCC Signal light decoder



The module is suitable for all signal lights with the common anode (positive) legs.


It is a very universal decoder. You can program it for 2, 3, 4 or 5-aspects (up to 8) of signal light (semaphore) with more combinations.


There is an adjustable fade speed for „bulb effect” or choosable flashing mode (each aspect).


Adjustable luminosity.


Maximum current: 500mA/out.


Address programming button on board.


Master version: There are 2 screw terminals to connect the power supply (10-12V AC/DC) and DCC signal, and one 3-screw terminal to connect (any) Slave decoder if you wish.


Slave version: There is a 3-screw terminal to connect a module to (any) Master decoder. Slave modules work only with Master.


Short videos about how it works:

Signal light

Grade crossing

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